IEREIC: FIREchat (Aaron Norris)

**What is FIREchat??**

Our take on the popular Financial Independence, Retire Early movement where we focus on the Retire Early (RE) part in our own way — through Real Estate!

Formerly known as our “Main Event” during the lockdown days, cozy up at home as we continue to focus this meeting on bringing you legendary speakers from around the country via Zoom – to tell stories of great feats in real estate adventures across the lands.

**Who is Aaron Norris?**

Our inaugural guest, Aaron Norris’ real estate career started at five years old fixing houses in his father’s flip business. After living in NYC for almost a decade, he joined the family hard money business as a mortgage officer and researcher, producing numerous market timing reports and award-winning resources for the real estate community. As VP of Market Insights for PropertyRadar, he speaks and writes nationally on trends & the power of public records that help Main Street compete with Wall Street. You’ll find his works on F[](, Think Realty Magazine, and BiggerP[]( Aaron has also been directly involved in raising over $2 million dollars for charities since 2008.

Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Where: Zoom
Cost: *All of our Zoom meetings are now FREE for everyone!*

**How do I join the meeting???**
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*MEMBERS* – zoom links will go out as usual 1 hour before the meeting via email and text. You do *NOT* need to do anything extra to register.

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February 23


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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