Board of Directors

Rich Rice | President

Since diving into real estate in 2017, Rich has masterfully navigated through flipping, wholesaling, and house hacking, executing over 100 deals and building a diverse portfolio that spans short and long-term rentals, mobile homes, and note creation. His passion for community and knowledge-sharing propelled him to acquire IEREIC in 2021, providing a vibrant platform for investors to learn, grow, and succeed together. Rich doesn’t just preach investment strategies; he shares generously from the pages of his own journey, ensuring that every insight, lesson, and strategy he imparts is deeply rooted in real, lived experiences and tangible success.

Farrah Lane | Membership and Event Coordinator

In 2019, Farrah launched her second career as a real estate investor by attending numerous seminars and conferences. Despite being a newcomer, she dived into the industry with strategic planning, calculated risks, and innovative thinking. As a result, Farrah quickly became a skilled investor with a profitable property portfolio, working towards financial independence and a legacy for her family.

Passionate about helping others, Farrah offers mentorship to aspiring investors. She shares her knowledge and experience, becoming a respected figure in the real estate world. Her contagious energy and commitment to helping others achieve success have made a lasting impact on many lives.

Farrah’s sense of humor adds a unique touch to her interactions. She effortlessly combines her expertise and wit, making her a joy to be around. Whether you’re learning about real estate investing or seeking a good laugh, Farrah is the go-to person, ensuring a memorable and valuable experience.