FIREfast Bootcamp

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expedite your next deal!

FIREfast Bootcamp

Put your financial independence journey on the fast track with FIREfast!

Are you ready to take it to the next level? Look no further than FIREfast – the ultimate program designed to help you dial in the tools needed to get your next deal in 6 weeks!

With FIREfast, you’ll receive a comprehensive crash course in getting deals under contract (and what to do with it), learning hands-on from experienced industry experts and fellow club members, Jim Keller, Evan Brown, and Rich Rice!

Jan 4 – Feb 8 (6 weeks):

Weekly round table meetings

Every Thursday night at the FIRE Center, where we’ll eat, recap what you did that week, get support and guidance, and celebrate the steps you’ve taken.

Field trips 3x per week

Hit the ground running with group lunches, door knocking, list building, cold calling, evaluating properties, talking to sellers, with your instructors; providing hands-on experience and practical knowledge.

Course Manual

Physical copies of the important parts of putting a deal together including examples of: contracts, escrow paperwork, worksheets, best practices, and more. 

Group Communication 24/7

Private messaging systems for attendees only – where you can connect with fellow students and your mentors, ask questions and get support 24/7.

you can do this!

A focus on mindset that will help you overcome obstacles and move you forward on your real estate investing goals.

Your Instructors

Evan Brown

As a long-time IEREIC member, Evan shares his wealth of experience, mentoring aspiring investors on their path to financial independence. Whether it’s providing guidance on market trends or deal-making secrets, Evan is dedicated to helping others break free from the rat race and achieve FIRE!

Jim Keller

Jim’s approach to real estate investing is centered around collaboration and hard work, and he firmly believes that, through determination and collective effort, anyone can create something out of nothing.

Rich Rice

Rich’s investing journey began in 2017 when he started flipping and wholesaling houses and utilizing house hacking to build his rental portfolio. Since then, he has expanded his to short and long-term rentals, mobile homes, note creation, and collaborating with other investors to grow their businesses. Rich has also been leading IEREIC since he purchased it in 2021. 


What will be covered?

Everything from how to source deals, what to do when a seller calls, and how to close the deal will be covered in-depth.

Thursday meetings will cover a variety of topics. 

Field Trips will be anything from lunch, to walking rehabs, walking leads, driving for dollars, door knocking, scouting a neighborhood, cold-calling, etc. 

What time do the events start and end?

Thursday night sessions will always be from 6-8:30pm at the FIRE Center.

Field Trips will mostly be Friday’s and Saturday’s. Some will be scheduled well ahead of time; whereas, others will be on a more pop-up basis depending on what they are and what is going on.

Do i have to cold-call or door knock?

We know it can be daunting doing something you might be uncomfortable with – but yes, we will be doing everything it takes to support you in getting your next deal!

Do I have to attend every meeting and/or field trip?

Like any program, ours will be what you make of it. Those that are plugged in and have high attendance seem to be the ones that do the best.

Am I guaranteed to get a deal?

We wish we could guarantee success but we have the upmost confidence that if you attend all the meetings and field trips, are coachable, and ready to learn – your odds of finding a deal in 6-weeks are very good!

Will i be able to call someone if i am stuck and need help?

Yes! Not only will your instructors be available for direct phone calls, but you will also have the support of your fellow students via our private messaging system 24/7. 

Is this a good class if I have never done a deal?

You’re in luck – This class is designed for people looking for their first deal and/or their next deal!

The principles are the same whether you are brand new or have a few deals under your belt.

Can non-members or family members attend with me?

Unlike regular IEREIC meetings, FIREfast events are closed sessions open only to those that have registered for a seat.

Family members, significant others, etc. that have no purchased their own seat are not permitted. This includes children. 

Can I get a discount for my husband, wife, business partner, etc?

We’ve already priced this program well below what other organizations charge and are unable to discount it further. 


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