The Power of Passion: Achieve Your Own Everests

“Inspirational! ..a compelling story of triumph over adversity. Through their adventures, they provoke us to reach for lofty goals.” — John R. McLernon, Chairman, Colliers International

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Everest adventurers and speakers Alan Hobson & Jamie Clarke believe life’s “Everyday Everests” are harder to surmount than Mount Everest itself because they are longer-term. No one takes our picture or congratulates us when we get to the summit because there is no summit. The everyday mountains we climb keep getting higher and harder.

In this book, Alan and Jamie share the true story of their struggle to climb Everest. It is far more than a mountaineering tale, it’s a real-life story – a story of hopes and dreams, of tragedy and tenacity to which everyone can relate. Mostly, it’s a story about triumph – a triumph of the human spirit. It will help you climb your own Everests – whatever mountains you are climbing in your own life.