Storms of Perfection

Originally published in 1991, this out-of-print series is available once again…this time in ebook edition!

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Storms of Perfection is a collection of letters from over 50 of the world’s most successful people. New York Times best-selling author Andy Andrews wrote to each individual and prompted them with the following question: “What was the worst rejection or biggest problem that you had to overcome before you became successful?” The pages of this book reveal their answers in unedited letter form, each written on the sender’s personal stationary.

Want to know the real key to success?

It’s not talent, intelligence, or luck. Despite what you see in Hollywood, it’s really not even good looks.

Sure, those things can help you out a bit, but, ultimately, success comes down to one thing: what you do in the face of adversity. How you respond to setbacks, struggles, and failure is the key to success.

These 52 letters prove it.

From Bob Hope to Joan Rivers, Bart Starr to Orville Redenbacher, Charley Pride to Holocaust survivor Si Frumkin, these letters will surprise, chill, and inspire you.