Self-Directed IRA Secrets Revealed

Build Wealth Tax-Free!

Did you know that your knowledge of Self-Directed IRAs can benefit you today, not just when you retire?

If you aren’t putting your Self-Directed IRA to work for you as a wealth-building tool now-beyond typical investments-you could be missing out on significant income-earning opportunities. But how do you know what the tax implications are? What are the rules? And are there any downsides?

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In Self-Directed IRA Secrets Revealed, H. Quincy Long, founder and CEO of Quest Trust Company, explores how a Self-Directed IRA can be a powerful, wealth-building tool. With more than thirty years of experience as an attorney and real estate investor, Mr. Long offers valuable, practical insight to help you make smart investment decisions. Here are a few topics covered inside:

  • The benefits, advantages, disadvantages, and risks of Self-Directed IRAs
  • The five things you need to succeed in Self-Directed IRA investing
  • The rules you must follow to safely invest with your Self-Directed IRA
  • Strategies for investing when your IRA balance is small

By sharing real-life examples, Mr. Long shows you how it is possible to purchase an almost unlimited variety of non-traditional investments, such as real estate, loans, non-publicly traded interests in private entities including limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships, trusts, and much more, using Self-Directed IRAs.

Learn how you can build tax-free wealth and change your future starting today with your Self-Directed IRA.


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