My Life & 1000 Houses: The Art of Owner Financing

Author Mitch Stephen has been a self-employed, creative real estate investor for over 20 years. He bought and sold well over 1,000 houses in his hometown and specializes in “The Art of Owner Financing.” He has written two other books centered on his experience in real estate… MY LIFE & 1,000 HOUSES: Failing Forward to Financial Freedom MY LIFE & 1,000 HOUSES: 200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties This book, MY LIFE & 1,000 HOUSES: The Art of Owner Financing, is an insider’s look at a very powerful strategy for building wealth quickly.

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In this book you’re going to learn… · How to get paid to build your cash flow. · How to generate cash flow without being a landlord. · How to get paid six ways on your deals. · How to recognize what properties are good to owner finance. · How to make money on the properties that aren’t good to owner finance. · How to find private money for your deals. · How to sell notes with little to no discount. …and much, much more! Tired of being a landlord? Are you tired of all the late night phone calls about leaking toilets, busted hot water heaters, broken air conditioners, and on and on and on? If so, this book is a must read! For years the gurus of the day have been selling us the “Buy & Hold” myth. Most landlords have fooled themselves into thinking they’re making money. Year after year would-be-retirees have to postpone their retirement because the rental income they calculated on paper never makes it to their tax return. Mitch can show you exactly why this is happening and how to stop it from happening by using a strategy that is less known and grossly misunderstood. The owner financing strategy changes everything! Change your property’s value. Change your community for the better. Change your buyer’s life, and change your personal financial situation in the process. All kinds of doors open when we stop using broken down traditional techniques and start thinking outside the box. And best of all, 90% of the deals are done with none of your own money! The strategies in this book are mind-blowing! Mitch believes that real estate investing is a tremendous strategy for acquiring wealth. He has helped new investors find their place; He has helped veteran investors re-invent themselves by BECOMING THE BANK! For more information regarding online courses, group coaching, and full-on mentorship, visit or contact


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