Forever Cash

There are only two ways to retire young and wealthy:
* Building a pile of cash large enough that can’t be outspent. For many, this is an unrealistic task what would take an entire lifetime. And many who have built it have lost it in a market crash or by squandering it
* Building multiple sources of recurring “Forever Cash” income. These eternal income sources relieve the need for working paycheck to paycheck and create a financial fortress safeguarding from market changes.
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“Forever Cash” also allows for the luxuries of life without worrying about losing the asset. Each and every month this golden goose replenishes your monetary reserves. This is how the wealthy around the world remain wealthy.
After stumbling upon these principles Jack Bosch escaped the “hamster wheel of financial hell” to retire at the age of 37. He now shares these strategies around the world teaching that anyone—no matter the situation, working fulltime starting with little money or assets—can reach financial freedom by following the simple proven strategies laid out in Forever Cash.

Packed with real-world examples of success and struggle this inspirational guide to wealth without quitting your job will show you:
* A completely new way of looking at money
* Why building a mountain of cash to retire on—“your Number”—is not working
* Why not all cash is created equal and why “”Forever Cash”” is the best.
* Why the truly wealthy never run out of money and how neither will you.
* How to thrive in economic uncertainty.
* How to build $50,000 to $200,000 in extra income per year and turn that into financial security forever.
* How to get out of debt and build a financial future without cutting your credit cards.
Forever Cash is a “”Real World Blueprint”” on how to get from where you are to being financially independent forever in 5 years or less.