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How to Buy, Sell & finance Used Mobile Homes for Big Profits and Cash Flow Revised in 2013 (Lonnie’s Ultimate Mobile Home Bootcamp)

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NEW Revised in 2013! Investors, if you’re tired of being a landlord but still want a good monthly cash flow, or if you’re a real estate note investor who can’t find any good-yielding paper, or if you just want to make MORE MONEY, you need to read this book about mobile home investing. Lonnie Scruggs’ Deals on Wheels will teach you how you can replace the income from your job and create true financial independence with your own mobile home investing business.

Deals On Wheels explains in detail how you can earn yields of 50% to 175% on what the author calls “Wobbly Boxes.” Learn to buy, sell, and finance used mobile homes for big profits and generous cash flow. NEW section on solutions for the SAFE ACT and how you can create your own economy.

This book covers everything you need to get started earning awesome yields with minimum hassle, including:

* The best kind of mobile homes to buy

* Eight ways to find low-priced mobile homes

* How to negotiate an even lower purchase price

* How to determine necessary repairs

* How to make your phone ring off the hook with buyers

* How to get started with $1,500 OR LESS

* Dealing with park managers

* And much much more

“After reading Lonnie’s book, I bought a mobile home for $1800 then sold it a few days later for $9800 and enjoy a $320 per month cash flow.” Jackie Lange

“Lonnie Scruggs is the REAL DEAL. His simple down to earth teaching style has helped tens of thousands of people become successful in their mobile home business” Jack Miller

“Worth every penny.” Mike Wittenbrink

“Very informative. A lot of great information provided. Inspired to get started!” Sheri Holland

“Lots of really good meaty information and incentive to go out and do!” Jacqueline May


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