Active Listening 2.0

Overcoming Stalls and Objections by Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time 

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For most of the twentieth century, salespeople were the gatekeepers of data. In order for a prospect to learn more about a product, they had to reach out to the company, and then the salesperson would reach out to the prospect.

In modern times, prospects are more educated than ever. They can find out 90 percent or more about your product and industry before they ever have to talk to a salesperson.

The best way to overcome this hurdle is to be a better listener than ever before. Your goal as a salesperson is to find out exactly what the prospect wants or needs and give them exactly that. You can’t do that if your listening skills are not on point.

In this book, we give you the tools necessary to communicate even better with your prospects to figure out how you can serve your clients better than ever before.