Preferred Service Providers

Below is a list of our Preferred Service Providers. There is only one sponsor per category and they are service providers used by members of the club who have been vetted and are recommended. Contact the sponsors on this list if they fit your needs.

Capital Investments

The Flip Flop Investors (Stephen McKee and Todd Bayer) are constantly offering opportunities to their investors, if you would like to get to know them and eventually find out about their different opportunities, simply call them to setup a meeting. (951) 684-2553


Emerald Escrow is used by many members of the club. They are very familiar with real estate investment deals as well as traditional deals. They are very highly recommended.
2275 S Main St #101A, Corona, CA 92882
(951) 737-3630

Property Management

Formatic Property Management is a locally owned property management company who comes very highly recommended by members of the club.  Reach out to them if you need property management.
6700 Indiana Ave, Suite 270, Riverside, CA 92503
(951) 394-0030

Conventional Lender

Locke Your Loan is a very knowledgeable conventional lending organization.  They are familiar with any loan scenario and are capable of getting even the toughest of scenarios closed.
2900 Adams St, Suite A305, Riverside, CA 92504
(951) 405-2454

Property & Casualty Insurance

Rilynn Company Insurance Services is used by many members of the club for all their property & casualty insurance needs.  They are very fast and knowledgeable.  Give them a call for all your insurance needs!
27070 Sun City Blvd, Sun City, CA 92586
(951) 934-0630


Stage-à-Vu is the preferred Staging company for the Club and its members.  As a member, you get 20 complimentary marketing photos and 40% off your first service.  Call them today!
Contact: Denise Alberto
(707) 722-7828