Are you in need of mentoring? Look no further than our very own members who have been doing deals locally in the IE for years!!

Our mentors support the club with their time and generosity and they are here to help you thrive! No expensive programs required.

Their contact info can be found in the member directory and/or you can come to the free Mentor Mixer held on the 4th Wednesday of every month that we aren’t at the Mission Inn.
Visit to RSVP for the next one. 

Andy Teasley 

AKA “The Wizard of Wobbly Boxes,” Andy says he is “not a typical mentor, but more of an educator”. His mentoring/teaching sessions focus on whatever subject the investor is interested in, especially if the student has a deal that calls for creative deal structuring. Andy was at the very second meeting of the IEREIC, and has been a member ever since. Andy also hosts a weekly newsletter called, “The Weekly What If” where you can practice your finance skills. Contact him for info on how to get on it!

Jim Keller 

Long-time investor, flipper, wholesaler, and all around great guy! He attended the very second meeting of the IEREIC five years ago! The majority of his business revolves around deals involving other club members and what Jim likes best about the club is having access to people with diverse backgrounds, all of which will be used to excel in Real Estate investing. He knows that it is important to be an expert at redefining your mission in life, particularly in the midst of a changing investing environment. His perspective on the club, as well as investing in general, is “where there was nothing, we are making something.”

Lisa Mailhot 

Building her Real Estate career first as an investor doing wholesale and fix and flip deals, Lisa then decided to get her Real Estate license here in California.⁠ Her mentor sessions focus on solutions for getting started in investing, including marketing strategies, tips and tricks for flippers, and how best to work with Real Estate Agents to accomplish your investment goals.⁠ Lisa has been a member of the IEREIC for over 5 years and what keeps her involved is the sense of community within the club and she loves the openness of members to coach and mentor others in the industry to help them achieve success.⁠

Matt - Square Profile 3

Matt Tandy

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Formatic Property Management, Inc and a former president of one of the largest chapters of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), Matt has overseen the management of over 4,000 homes in eleven states and two countries. After attending IERIEC meetings starting in 2016 and learning so much from others, he wanted to be able to give back to the community he loves. As a mentor, he focuses on taking the long-term experiences he has seen with the life-cycle of long term real estate investments and rentals, and distilling it down to help those at all stages in their wealth building journey.

Evan Brown

Before founding and other related companies, and before becoming a full-time investor, Evan and his wife Angela spent their days working at a printing company and their nights and weekends hustling for real estate deals. After six years and more than a few deals later, they both quit their jobs and became full time investors in 2015. During and since that time, Evan has successfully completed over 100 deals as wholesales, flips, note selling and buying, and adding over 30 rental units to his portfolio here in the Inland Empire. A long-time member of the IEREIC with great well-rounded knowledge, Evan hopes to Mentor people either just starting out and looking for guidance out of the rat race and/or people who have done a few deals and want to keep going.

Patrick Diamond

bio coming soon