🏘️ Exploring Real Estate Riches with ADUs: Personal Investor Stories 🏠💰

Are you fascinated by the potential of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in real estate? Join us for an illuminating evening of insights as we delve into the world of ADU investments! Our Meetup event features three exceptional speakers who have harnessed the power of ADUs to achieve financial success. 🚀

Speakers: Unveiling ADU Investment Triumphs

Speaker 1: TBA

Discover the incredible journey of our first speaker as they share their experience and wisdom in the realm of ADU investments. Learn how they navigated regulations, maximized rental income, and transformed properties into profitable ventures. Get ready for a tale of strategies, challenges, and victories. 🌟

Speaker 2: TBA

Our second speaker takes the stage to reveal their secrets to ADU success. From conception to construction and management, dive deep into the lessons they’ve learned on their ADU investment odyssey. Prepare to be inspired by their dedication and innovative approaches. 🏗️💡

Speaker 3: TBA

The final speaker will captivate you with their unique journey through the world of ADUs. Learn about their creative financing, the art of selecting the right properties, and how ADUs can be a game-changer in wealth creation. Walk away with a newfound perspective on real estate investing. 🏡📈

Interactive Q&A Session (30 mins) ❓🗣️

Engage with our speakers in a lively Q&A session. Whether you’re curious about ADU regulations, property management, financing, or investment strategies, this is your chance to pick the brains of seasoned experts.


MEMBERS: members who pay monthly (with IEREIC.org) always attend for free!


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or $40 at the door (card only, no cash)

Comes with light dinner (hors d’oeuvre)

Agenda: ⏰

5:30p – Doors Open

5:45p – Dinner & Open Networking

6:15p – Speakers

8:00p – Event End/Open Networking


October 4


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

Click to Register: https://www.meetup.com/iereic/events/295790373

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