Evan Brown worked at a printing company by day, hustling real estate deals with his wife Angela at night. They became full-time investors in 2015, completing 100+ successful deals, adding 30+ rental units, and launching As a long-time IEREIC member, Evan shares his wealth of experience, mentoring aspiring investors on their path to financial independence. Whether it's providing guidance on market trends or deal-making secrets, Evan is dedicated to helping others break free from the rat race and achieve FIRE!
A seasoned real estate investor, Jim Keller's expertise lies in flipping, and wholesaling. As an active member of the IEREIC for years, he's completed numerous successful deals, often with fellow members who come from diverse backgrounds. Jim knows the value of adapting to the changing market environment and continually refining his mission to succeed. His approach to real estate investing is centered around collaboration and hard work, and he firmly believes that, through determination and collective effort, anyone can create something out of nothing.
Rich is a dynamic investor with a passion for bringing people together to learn about real estate. His journey began in 2017 when he started flipping and wholesaling houses and utilizing house hacking to start his FIRE journey. Since then, he has expanded his portfolio to include short and long-term rentals, mobile homes, note creation, and collaborating with other investors to grow their businesses. Prior to real estate, Rich spent many years working in the staffing and building products industries, gaining valuable experience with leading global companies. In 2018, Rich became a member of the IEREIC, and in 2021 he acquired the club from its previous owners.