Unlock Opportunities Every Wednesday at 12PM with Exchangors! 🚀

Welcome to the Crossroads of Innovation and Real Estate: IEREIC Exchangors, hosted at the FIRE Center!

Embark on a thrilling journey where seasoned and budding investors unite, crafting a unique event that seamlessly amalgamates in-person and virtual environments, aimed to fuel your investment aspirations and anchor your financial autonomy.

🌐 Limitless Deals from Coast to Coast, Right at Your Fingertips! 🌐
With our hybrid meeting model, the geography of opportunities transcends boundaries! Engage via Zoom and unlock a plethora of deals not just from Southern California, but spanning the ENTIRE nation! Here, your next big venture could hail from any corner of the country, positioning you amidst a nation-wide network of possibilities.

🔥 Exchangors: A Spectrum of Opportunities! 🔥
– Deal, Swap, Connect: Dive into a world where deals are sculpted with ingenuity, skills are traded with innovation, and every note swapped brims with potential.
– All-Encompassing Network: Engage with an extensive network, rich with a myriad of resources – be it contractors, partners, or unique investment resources, find it all under one roof – or screen!
– Inclusivity: Designed meticulously for investors at every level, from the novice explorer to the seasoned magnate, there’s a nugget of wisdom and an array of opportunities for everyone.

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Please note: Exchangors is free for members of IEREIC.org – we invite guests to attend one time as a preview and then they must become members to attend regularly. Thank you for your support in making this meeting possible!


Deal Examples (from a previous meeting) - if you're confused looking at this, don't worry, we'll explain it!