Tiny Homes: The Future of High Yield California Real Estate – Hosted by BPH

Seeing the coming change in the California Real Estate Market, Stephen McKee and Todd Bayer began divesting from traditional real estate investments in 2018 and formed a new company to thrive in the coming California economy. For the first time ever, they are selling equity in one of their companies. Their new venture is called Back Porch Homes.

Back Porch Homes will mass manufacture, sell, finance, and place tiny homes on large single family home lots as secondary units which are generally leased out or used as additional living space for family and guests.

If you are a sophisticated or accredited investor and would like to learn how you can get involved in this space, Stephen & Todd would like to invite you to breakfast at the historic Mission Inn Hotel. They’ll show you why they made the change, an in depth look at this new investment opportunity, and how you can get involved.


Please note that this event is limited to investors that are actively looking to place THEIR OWN capital in current opportunities and current Back Porch Homes investors.

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