Reminder: Flippy and Floppy Award Submission Deadline Nov 27th

Would you like a free Gold Membership to the club?

Win the 2018 Flippy award!

Here’s what you need to do:
*Prepare a slide show presentation with the story, the numbers, and the
before and after photos of your flip.
*Keep the presentation time to 10 minutes or less.
*Send the slides to by November 27th, 2018.
*Present your deal to the audience at the November Main Meeting.
*The entire club will vote on a winner.
*We’ll present the Flippy Award to the best flip of the year winner at the
IEREIC 2018 Winter Carnival


This year we’re introducing the Floppy Award for the worst deal of the year. Just follow the same steps for the Flippy and maybe you’ll save some money next year with a free Gold Membership as you lick your wounds from your unfortunate deal.

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