Real Estate Accelerator Interest Meeting

Many members of the club have asked us for more hands on training. We’ve been working on this idea for months. We’ve struggled to come up with an idea that won’t cost people a fortune. Thanks to the insight of Drew Nagda, we’ve come up with a better solution. The Community Restoration Group Real Estate Accelerator will be a coworking space entirely designed by it members.

The curriculum will be established by the first class. Therefore we plan on being selective with the first 15 members to ensure a solid culture going forward. Each class will be 6 months long. Each member is expected to do at least one deal, in most cases their first deal, within that time period.

Because we’ll work 5 to 7 times harder not to lose something, we’ve decided to make a buy-in a part of the class. The initial buy in will be $500. This buy-in will be refunded to each member once they purchase their first deal. No deal, no refund.

There will be a monthly space rent cost of $200 with a 6 month commitment.

If the accelerator is not for you but you still need a space to work, we’ve got you covered. We’ll have 12 semi-private desks (4 per office suite) with internet access available by March. Each room will have 24 hour electronic key access. They will rent for $250 a month per desk.

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