Official IEREIC Event: Zoom Video Conference

Non-Members – $30
Members/Gold Members – Free

If you’d like to become a member go to

All members should have received an email link to register with Zoom that looks like this.

“Hello (your email)

IEREIC Meetup ( has created a Zoom account for you. Please click the button below to activate your account within 30 days.”

Please register to ensure you receive an invite link to the meeting. New members who sign up after 03/19/2020 will receive this email the day of the meeting.

If you’re a member and want to do Haves and Wants, you’ll need to download the app so we can invite you to share your screen and present your have or want.

Non-members can register and pay through Zoom/PayPal here:


The IEREIC is officially moving to a “run by committee” structure. This Zoom meeting is the perfect time to elect/appoint officers to positions within the club. The following positions need to be filled.

President – ?
Vice President-?
Secretary – ?
Treasurer – ?
Paid Admin – Joanna Donofrio

Haves and Wants (Gold members and Sponsors only) – This is an opportunity to tell the audience about that deal you’ve got for sale or the money you’re looking to place in someone else’s deal. Maybe you’re looking for a specific type of property or need a contractor.

This month we will host a panel discussing the major changes in real estate investing caused by COVID-19 and a post COVID-19 real estate investment game plan for the following sectors.

-Long term rentals
-Short term rentals
-Hard money

There will not be shared food and beverages given the circumstances but feel free to drink heavily and eat tacos during the meeting. Please do not complain to us about the quality of food or drinks, you made them 😉

This should be a fun change of pace. If you have any suggestions for the April as this will likely be the same setup for next month.

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