IEREIC – Tough Mudder!

In the summer of 2012 I found myself anxious about everything and overweight. I started running every morning just to relieve my anxiety. After weeks of puking on 3pm runs in 115 degree July weather I became delusional enough to set a big hairy audacious goal. Barely able to run 1 mile without collapsing I decided I was going to finish a Tough Mudder. The small financial commitment of registration made it a vivid reality. Nine months of regular training later; I finished a Tough Mudder still smiling. Freezing cold, wrapped in a space blanket, holding my finishing beer, I realized we have no idea what we are capable of. 

I feel I have accomplished so much since that July day I decided to register. But…I’m back to my original weight. Time to call in the big guns. With 5 months to go I’m doubling down on the same commitment. You should too. I promise you’ll learn more about yourself than you can imagine. Join my Tough Mudder team and we’ll share one of the most rememberable experiences of our lives together. We’ll work out travel arrangements and start times as the event gets closer. For now, put your money where your ego is to see if you can hang for 12 muddy miles and 20+ military obstacles. 


Event Video

Event Page

Tough Mudder Team Name: Inland Empire Real Estate Investment Club

Team Page (Register Here)

Total cost with fees: $160.11

Spectators are welcome at the raceway. More details as the event get closer. With enough interest, we’ll setup a spectator station. 

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