IEREIC Christmas P*A*R*T…Y? Cus I gotta! (Pajama Theme)

It’s that magical time of year again when people cover their houses in lights and ornaments. A glowing sign come March that you’ve found a deal if they’re all still up when you drive by. For us, it’s an excuse to blow off all the other regularly scheduled IEREIC events and throw the most epic Christmas party the real estate community has ever seen.

2015… We give it a 4. 2016… A solid 6. 2017…. We turn it up to 11.

Don’t celebrate Christmas? Who cares. We don’t. Bring your celebration of choice to share with everyone. And Pajamas. Bring Pajamas! You don’t have to, but we’ll be wearing them; footies and all. Casual attire per usual.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Is this really $50 prepaid and $60 at the door?” Yes, yes it is. And for the love of all that is twinkly, prepay. This thing is going to cost us a pretty penny. But let me list some reasons why.

1. OPEN BAR (mic drop): What else can I say? You should be sold.

2. Catered food: We’ll have an Italian food buffet to accompany the beverages.

3. Live music: Yep, a band.

4. Give aways: We’ll totally pretend to be one of those corporate gigs and give stuff away.

5. A freaking dessert and candy buffet.

6. A photo booth that isn’t just Matt taking photos of himself.

7. Halls decked with decorations.

8. And of course, a designated driver service.

Don’t be a grinch. Join us in the amazingness.

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