Download My Brain: Learn Real Estate Investing From Stephen McKee

Here’s the deal. I’ve got a wedding to pay for and you’ve been asking me for a set of classes that everyone can attend and afford. I’ve broken my two day course down into bite sized sections and moved them online.

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Each course will include:
A each curriculum personally livestreamed
A live Q&A with me at the end of each section
Online access to a recording of each course you’ve signed up
Calculators for every formula taught
All forms needed for each course
Sample reference forms for each strategy

You have 3 registration options:
Buy my first course, Time, Money, Team for the massively discounted price of $5 to see if you have the discipline to evaluate your life and make changes.
Buy any individual course for $99 and receive Time, Money, Team for free.
Buy all 9 courses for the discounted price of $500 and receive each course as they are scheduled.

Time, Money, Team – This is the most important course so it’s ($5)
Evaluate your rank within Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Establish your present use of time
Schedule a great life
Review your monthly budget
Calculate the cost to buy back your free time
Set a dream budget
Define daily goals to meet your dreams
Using the GTD method
Build an all-star real estate team

Finding Deals and Following Up ($99)
Learn 50+ ways to find a deal
Establish a system to track seller leads
Find out how to look up a sellers contact info
Automate creative methods for making contact with sellers
Create a system to following up with sellers

Due Diligence ($99)
What property characteristics matter most
How to look up properties characteristics
What are the ongoing costs of a real estate deal
How to look up a properties ongoing costs
How to determine a properties current market value
How to determine a properties after repair value
How to determine a properties fully rented value
Shortcuts for determining the cost of repairs
How to lookup any existing liens and encumbrances
How to find a properties current rents
How to determine a properties optimal market rent
What photos should you take

Ever Lead is a Deal ($99)
How to make money on every deal
What is the 4 offer method
Shortcut calculations for making offers on the fly
How to write a simple contract
How to write a seller carry contract.
How to offer using a C.A.R. form
How to direct an agent referral
How to protect yourself from agents

Understanding The Escrow Process ($99)
When are you ready to open escrow
What does escrow need from you
What documents do you need to gather on your own
What to documents does escrow generate
What reports should you expect in escrow
What disclosures an agent may send you
What inspections should you order

Wholesaling: Finding and Selling to Top Buyers ($99)
How to quickly identify the top buyers in your market
How to contact them or their acquisition team
What do experienced buyers expect from wholesalers
How to properly offer a property to multiple buyers
Is there such a thing as a reasonable wholesale fee
How to hand off a deal to a new buyer in escrow

Hard Money Basics ($99)
What questions should you ask a hard money lender
What does a hard money lender expect from a borrow
What does a typical hard money loan look like
How does fund control work
What are the pitfalls of hard money

Raising Private Capital ($99)
How to properly package a deal
Common sources of capital
What to ask potential private lenders
How much of your deal should you give up
Establishing a track record
The basics of securities laws
Properly documenting a deal

Working with Contractors and Agents ($99)
Contractor interview questions
Favorable terms of a contract
How to establish a contractor draw schedule
Properly documenting each phase of construction
Finding the best agent to sell your deal
Proactively setting your home up to sell
Establishing strong counter offer terms
Protecting yourself from lawsuits after the sale

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