2017 Flip of the Year Award Submissions (Flippy)

The 2017 Flippy submission are now being accepted.

If you have a deal that you did this year and want to show it off to the rest of the club, here’s your chance. We only need a few things from you to submit your deal.

1. Fill out our deal spreadsheet with your deal details so we can ensure all the deal submission are using uniform numbers. You may have to edit the right side a little to fit your project costs. We’re looking for real numbers here, not estimates. Share the sheet with communityrestorationgroup at gmail.com


2. Put all you photos in a dropbox file and share them with communityrestorationgroup at gmail.com

3. Email links to both those files to communityrestorationgroup at gmail.com with your:


Company Name (if you have one)

Phone Number

That’s it. All submissions must be in by December 11th at 5PM. We’ll premier them at the Christmas party on December 15th. All members of the club will have the change to vote for your project online between the Christmas Party and the first meeting in January. The winner will be announced at the January meeting. The winning members(s) will recieve free adimission to all IEREIC events for all of 2018.

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