“10 Steps to Hosting Success” Hosted By Gold Member Jeff Pierce

Gold Member Jeff Pierce is Hosting an event!

Jeff Pierce, Superhost, founder of Master of Vacation Rentals, & author of the top rated Hosting book will step you through each of the proven and effective 10 Steps to Hosting Success in full detail.

Optimize your occupancy and get stellar reviews resulting in even more bookings. We will use examples, real stories, tips & tricks and role playing to make everything clear so you can become the next vacation rental success story!

Those who complete the 7 hour training course will receive a certificate of completion with an individual certificate number. These may be used in vacation rental advertising to highlight that the host has earned a Master of Vacation Rentals.

You can sign up via:

Use the coupon code ‘Special’ to get tickets at $50 instead of $199.

Club members will also receive an e-book from amazon direct to their email.

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