About Us

The Inland Empire Real Estate Investment Club (“IEREIC”) was founded in 2014 by Stephen McKee and Todd Bayer to create an organization that focuses heavily on real estate networking, deal making and education. Stephen and Todd were tired of attending seminars where the goal was to sell the attendees expensive real estate “education” courses. With no investment club here in the Inland Empire, they felt they had no other choice but to create their own. Now it has grown to be one of the largest investment clubs in the country and is one of the top 150 groups on Meetup.com. We meet the 4th Wednesday of every month at the Mission Inn in Riverside as well as for coffee the Saturday before the main meeting. Our club is built upon four main tenets:

• To build a supportive community of friends who encourage each other in our ventures.

• To share our knowledge and experience freely for the greater good of the community.

• To collaborate with trusted and knowledgeable partners within the organization.

• To help each other achieve true wealth, whether that be through time, money, or relationships.

For those of you who would be interested in becoming a member of the club and enjoying all the additional benefits, check out https://iereic.org/membership

We’re excited to have you here; all of our members look forward to sharing their knowledge and experience with you!


Stephen & Todd