About Us

The Inland Empire Real Estate Investment Club (IEREIC) is on a mission to help people thrive – with a vision to spread financial freedom in a fun and inclusive community where self-actualization through growth, positive development, and integrity are paramount!

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The IEREIC is independently owned and operated by The IEREIC Trust 2021. While we are friendly with all, we are not affiliates of or partners with any other REIC’s or REIA’s.
For inquiries, please contact:
Richard Rice, Trustee
3585 Main St, Ste 212
Riverside, CA 92501

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The Inland Empire Investment Club was originally founded in 2014 by Todd Bayer and Stephen McKee with the help of their friends and family. It is their wish that this club will live on in perpetuity, guided by its original tenets.

(Updated: 12/7/2021)